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Published on :
  Friday, Dec 30,2016 13:48 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 30,2016 13:48 IST
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Vijay Vasanth, Karunas, Devadarshini and Shanmugasundaram lead a petty life by pickpocketing. Samuthirakani is a police officer who is posted to their area. Vidya is a dumb girl residing in the area and is noticed by Samuthirakani, who feels sympathy for her. Soon, their friendship blossoms into love.

One day, Vijay Vasanth meets Srushti Dange and their first encounter turns ugly and the two end up at the police station. In due time, realizing her mistake, Srusthi apologizes to Vijay Vasanth. With the passage of time, they both fall in love.

Meanwhile, Vidya dies and Samuthirakani is convinced that it is a planned murder. When he decides to lead an investigation into the matter, his higher officer along with the help of rogues decide to murder him.

Managing an escape, Samuthirkani runs into Vijay Vasanth and Srusthi Dange. They all realize that they're being attacked by the same people and decide to fight back.

They soon decipher information revealing that the attacker is none other than Minister of Education Radha Ravi's assistant Jayakumar Janakiraman. Why the three are being attacked? Whether they escape from their attacks? Who killed Vidya and why? These are the questions that are answered in Achamindri's second half in an exciting manner.

Vijay Vasanth impresses with his natural act and perfect timing in comedy. He transforms from a jolly person in the first half to a serious character after his team up with Samuthirakani. He has done the action sequences exceptionally well. Without resorting to any over-the-top acting, he has performed as required for the role and has breathed life into his character.

Srushti Dange looks gorgeous throughout the film. She charms us in the romantic sequences as well as sentimental scenes. Her expressions in serious scenes deserve a compliment.

By now, we know that Samuthirakani can make no mistakes and is flawless once again in the police officer role yet again. He has elevated himself as a performer in the film especially after the point of Vidya's death and has done the action sequences with finesse.

The director has depicted Radha Ravi as a villain in the beginning of the story and his transformation towards the end of the film as an honest man surprises many. At the final scene, the dialogues spoken by him make us think even after we leave the theatre.

Saranya Ponvannan, whom we are used to seeing in adorable mother roles is shown here in Achamindri as a stubborn woman. She plays the role of a head of education institutions. She has played the role with zest and convinces us that she can nail roles that require her to be tough to the core. Fans will no doubt want the veteran National Award-winning actress to take up more such characters and leave us amazed with her performances in off-beat roles.

Vidya as a dumb girl, Rohini as the lawyer, Thalaivasal Vijay as the collector along with Kumki Ashwin and others play their roles to perfection. The Karunas-Devadarshini-Shanmugasundaram trio give enough laughs throughout the course of the film.

Rajapandi, who earlier directed Vijay Vasanth in Ennamo Nadakudhu has helmed Achamindri. In the film, he has tackled the subject of how private and government education institutions are being run. He raises many important questions in the film and provides apt solutions to the problems plaguing our society in the name of education. He has narrated the story in a simple manner without complicating anything and that is perhaps the biggest strength of the film. Likewise, he also constructively addresses the issue of a change in how educational institutions are being run and need to be run. He definitely deserves a pat on his back for this tremendous effort.

Premgi Amaren's musical score in the film is reminiscent of 'Isaignani' Ilaiyaraaja's music. Even if you get the feel that you have heard the songs before, you can't stop enjoying them. Background musical score deserves a special mention as he has taken an extra effort. Venkatesh's cinematography is exceptional. The stunt sequences look terrific.

In short, Achamindri is an educational revolution.
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