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Published on :
  Sunday, Jan 01,2017 14:21 IST
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  Sunday, Jan 01,2017 14:21 IST
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Suresh Ravi along with friends Ramesh Thilak, Darbuka Siva and others duping people to run their lives. The group ropes aspiring actress Aishwarya Rajesh and get her fixed up with ghost makeup, and set out to frighten Munishkanth in a multi-storeyed building. They then dupe the building's secretary Selva by saying they have successfully sent away the ghost  that was roaming around.

After a point of time, Selva comes to realize that he's been duped by the group and threatens them saying he will file a police complaint. They get scared and Selva wants to take advantage of this by making the group implement the same tactic on his rival Mime Gopi and stop him from buying an old school building he's been planning to.

Mime Gopi is a superstitious man and Selva decides this must be done at once. His associates have no other choice, but to agree with him.

Towards the end, what happens to the group who head to the old school building? Whether their plan works out forms the rest of the Mo's story.

Suresh Ravi, who's been predominantly seen in TV serials is featured in a full-fledged role in this film. Although the film relies heavily on its plot, he has performed his role as necessary without going overboard. However, he will need to work on his act in action sequences and romantic scenes.

This is Aishwarya Rajesh's second time playing a ghost role. Although her role isn't too big, she has played her part with conviction. Post Mundasupatti, this is Munishkanth's second time in a full-fledged comedy role. Apart from few scenes, most his character seems forced into the narrative.

Ramesh Thilak, Darbuka Siva and Yogi Babu have done their roles justice. Selva and Mime Gopi's experiences are reflected in their performances.

Bhuvan R Nullan needs to be complimented for not straying away from the story and giving a story that is filled with enough comedy which is its biggest plus. Yogi Babu speaking in English, Munishkanth playing a ghost, the climax scenes all leave the audiences in splits. At one point, you feel Yogi Babu could have been given more screen space.

In short, Mo is definitely worth your time.
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