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  Monday, Jan 02,2017 17:10 IST
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Hero Ravi resides in Eganapuram and is a Parai artist. He falls in love with Rithu who visits his village to raise ducks. Rithika too ends up liking Ravi as expected. Rajasimman, the man who's in charge of the duck eggs business tries to get close to Rithika with bad intentions in mind. Ravi gets to know this and he decides to tie the knot with her to put an end to this. Meanwhile, Jothisha, a well to do and well known figure in the village ends up as an obstacle between the lead pair. Why is Jothisha hell bent on making sure the couple don't get together? How will Ravi deal with Rajasimman? This forms the crux of Eganapuram.

Despite being his first film, Ravi has given his best as the film's hero. Since he doesn't have experience in dance and stunts, we aren't able to enjoy it much. Heroine Ritika fits in perfectly as a village young girl and has done a good job with her acting too. As a powerful woman in the village, Jothisha too has delivered her character well with negative shades. The rest of the cast members too have given what's necessary for their roles.

This film makes its mark as a naturally showcased village flick. Director V. Suresh Natchatra has captured the beauty of the village aesthetically. He shines by not making the hero a victim of over-heroism and for making him a role that we could relate with. The first half moves pretty slow. Editing could've been better to make the scenes more racy. Manimaran's music is melodious and reminds us of Illayaraja's tunes. A.S. Senthil Kumar's cinematography is a huge pillar of support for the film.

Overall, Eganapuram is a script that believes in authenticity and scores with it. 
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