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ISM 18:42:PM |October 19,2016
This Kalyan Ram starrer has a plethora of stars sharing the screen.
1 13 7 Ek Tera Saath 16:54:PM |October 19,2016
The film comes under the romantic genre with a touch of supernatural element
Kolu Mittayi 15:02:PM |October 19,2016
The film includes many children including the National Award winner Master Gaurav Menon
L7 18:00:PM |October 17,2016
'L7' is scheduled to have its release in the Telugu states and in overseas this Friday.
31st October 14:34:PM |October 17,2016
The film is based on a true story of a family on the day of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's was assassination.
Motu Patlu King of Kings 21:07:PM |October 14,2016
Proudly claiming the film as their tribute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Make In India vision, the movie makers have released the film today
Fuddu 15:32:PM |October 13,2016
Apart from the lead, 'Fuddu' also has Sunny Leone performing a song number.
Ammani 12:22:PM |October 13,2016
'Ammani' narrates a special bond shared by the protagonists who are a 82 and 57 year old women.
Gandhigiri 15:40:PM |October 12,2016
'Gandhigiri' narrates the importance of Gandhiji's values through an NRI return
Shivanagam 16:57:PM |October 11,2016
'Shivanagam' sees the return of Divya Spandana back to Tamil cinema.
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