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Privacy Policy

  • Purpose of obtaining personal information

    When the viewer uses the Iflicks website, concerned person's personal information is enquired (e.g.; name, email address etc.).The excising laws will be followed regularly. Moreover Iflicks website's aim is to follow the best practice in this system.

  • Information about viewers

    When the viewer goes to Iflicks website page, a technical matter called cookies also gets registered. This entry helps the website publisher to know the pages visited by the viewers. When the viewer views the same page in the website, the cookies left there will be able to give the information to the viewer.

    On viewing the website, pages visited, time taken for a page, viewer's screen settings and other general informations, statistics other than personal informations are collected by cookies and codes. Iflicks uses this information along with other details obtained by other cookies to improve its service to the users.

  • What is a cookie?

    When the viewer enters a site the computer will be issued with a cookie automatically. Cookies are text files. This cookie helps the servers to identify the computers. Cookies can identify the computers and not the viewers. Many websites use such cookies to measure the number of viewers. A cookie records the website pages visited by the computer and time taken for each page visited. Internet users can set their computers to accept all the cookies or make the computer warn when any cookie gets an entry or set the computer to reject all the cookies. But if all the cookies get rejected the users might lose some special services.

    Note: Even when the viewer does not install his computer to reject a cookie he can watch the Iflicks website without giving his details. Only when a person wants to register for Iflicks service he has to give his details.

  • Use and storage of personal information

    When anyone gives personal details to Iflicks website (e.g. participation in competition, getting internet membership) the company has legal obligations in using the details. The way of using the personal information should be explained to the concerned users. Even if the details are given to anyone else that should be notified to the users. Without getting the user's prior permission the personal details will not be given to anyone. Only if required by law and with the legal permission, the personal details will be given out without the user’s permission. Moreover if the user registers any fraudulent message or send them to the website or the website being disturbed in anyway the Iflicks website will take severe actions. If the trouble persists the personal details will be used. The user's company, school or the e-mail service provider may be informed about the user's behaviour.

    As long as the viewer uses the website, the personal details will be held safe. When the purpose gets completed the personal details will be removed. All the personal informations will be kept in a safe manner in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the safety is ensured.

  • Users below the age of 16

    Users aged 16 or less than that should get the permission of the parent or guardian before giving their personal details. Without this consent, users will not be allowed to give their details.