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Pachaikili Parimala 18:39:PM |January 16,2017
Overall, 'Pachaikili Parimala' fails to take off.
Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga 16:02:PM |January 14,2017
Overall, 'Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga' doesn't leave any spaces blank.
xXx: Return Of Xander Cage 12:53:PM |January 14,2017
Overall, 'xXx: Return Of Xander Cage' is yet another mindless action bonanza that doesn't try to act smart and caters to its limited audience as required.
Bairavaa 07:10:AM |January 12,2017
Overall, while 'Bairavaa' provides nothing out-of-the-box, Vijay's star power and a couple of noteworthy scenes makes it a watchable entertainer.
Unnai Thottukollava 19:49:PM |January 10,2017
Overall, 'Unnai Thottukollava', fails to touch us.
Peiyena Peiyum Kurudhi 16:16:PM |January 10,2017
Overall, Peiyena Peiyum Kurudhi is a good attempt that could've been much better.
Soora Thengai 20:02:PM |January 6,2017
Overall, 'Soora Thengai' has what it takes to be a decent flick but fails due to poor execution.
Passengers 19:04:PM |January 6,2017
Overall, 'Passengers' is a film that sounds great as an idea with a dream cast, but fails predominantly in delivering what's promised.
Allied 14:45:PM |January 6,2017
While not being a classic, 'Allied' is definitely a film worth watching in the big screens thanks to the lovely story-telling and top-notch performances.
Thalaiyatti Bommai 17:38:PM |January 5,2017
'Thalaiyatti Bommai' scares the audience in every possible way than the only way it's meant to.
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