Chennai 16-02-2019 Saturday

Yenda Thalaiyila Enna Vaikala

The film revolves around Azhar and the deadly consequences he faces just because he forgot to oil his hair. As interesting as the one liner sounds, the film is an attempt at a fantasy comedy which kind of backfired at the director Vignesh Karthick.

March 01, 2018 18:30


Debuatant SK Mathi has attempted to make a film which seems to be like a replica of Vikram's 'Sketch', with a few modifications. Even some locations were the same.

February 26, 2018 18:01


What should have been a horror comedy film, 'Merlin' is filled with comedy and has nothing to do with the scary genre. Times are changing, and makers should make it a point to change the way a ghost is also represented. Maybe, director V Keera could have executed the movie in a better way with improvised creativity and quality making.

February 26, 2018 16:05

6 Athiyayam

In short, 6 Athiyayam, is an interesting attempt, with quality the film could have been better.

February 25, 2018 17:02

Melnaatu Marumagan

A romantic film which revolves around Raj Kamal's aim to get married to a foreigner. Although MSS has attempted to make a film that has commercial elements such as love, friendship and glamour, he falls short on the screenplay front and has faltered by placing several unnecessary scenes.

February 22, 2018 17:51

Nagesh Thiraiyarangam

This is the first time a horror comedy film is made, which revolves around a theatre. Director Mohamad Issack fame for creating a Guinness World Record movie, has done a decent job at the directorial department.

February 20, 2018 18:44


Krishna Kulasekaran, Kollywood's one of the most underrated actor is back with another commercial movie. This time as a wannabe rowdy. 'Veera', has all the elements one expects from such as; breezy love, power packed action, and lots of comedy.

February 19, 2018 17:54

Manusana Nee

Debut director Ghazali has attempted to make a medical science fiction film which may seem interesting. But he completely fails in the directorial department, as he falters with the screenplay and has delivered a poor quality film.

February 17, 2018 17:52


'Naachiyaar' revolves around three characters, their lives and perspectives. Bala is back with yet another intense film, but this time in a crime thriller genre, and in a different style of making. Though the direction screams Bala, the movie doesn't let you leave the theatre with disturbing thoughts, like how his previous films does.

February 16, 2018 18:07


Arjun Sarja is back to Kollywood as a filmmaker. This time he has decided to direct Aishwarya, and to mark this film as a re-entry for her. Like all his previous movies Arjun has once again made a film which revolves around patriotism and love.

February 10, 2018 18:09

Kalakalappu 2

Though 'Kalakalappu 2' is said to be a sequel to the 2012 release, laugh riot 'Kalakalappu', the new film has no connections between the two. Sundar C once again delivers a neat film which runs high on humour, even though many loose ends are evident. The wafer-thin story has nothing new to offer but has all the elements one expects from a true commercial movie.

February 10, 2018 17:21


Filmmakers Ram and Mysskin turn actors with this film. Though they have acted in lead roles previously under their directorial, this is the first time they are acting for another director. Debutant GR Aathityaa has attempted to deliver a one of a kind dark humour flick which might work well with a fraction of a crowd.

February 09, 2018 16:57


Fans rivalry is a happening issue now a days, and Vetri Mahalingam has tried to make a film with this concept, which is a relatively a fresh one in Kollywood. Vetri's wafer-thin story and the loose screenplay has nothing new to offer but has the elements one expects from a true commercial movie. Also, the idea about how he brings the rivals together for a social cause is impressive.

February 05, 2018 17:33


Debutant VZ Dhorai has attempted to show how a modern heart break works with a twist in it. He has to be appreciated for breaking through the stereotype, and show how both men and women in equal footing. The film addresses an important issue which a lot of youngsters go through now a days, and ends with a much needed message.

February 05, 2018 16:23

Padai Veeran

After playing negative shade in 'Maari 2', singer turned actor Vijay Yesudas has now emerged as the main lead. Debutant Dhana has attempted to make a movie which focuses on how caste and discrimination is still and issue at rural areas.

February 03, 2018 16:46

Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Sollurean

One of the Kollywood's versatile actor Vijay Sethupathi is back with another fun filled movie. In which he plays the role of a serious yet funny gang leader. 'ONNPS', is one of a kind laugh roit flick, with completely two different back drops; village and city, packed with all the necessary commerical elements.

February 03, 2018 10:48

Madura Veeran

'Madura Veeran' is set in a village backdrop and runs high on various kinds of emotions and sentiments. Cinematographer turned filmmaker PG Muthiah's attempt making a film which revolves around casteism and jallikattu has been well delivered. In addition, this rural entertainer also achieves in filling us all with memories and nostalgia of the jallikattu protest.

February 02, 2018 16:33


The film's lead actors, Ashwin Kumar and Sri Priyanka fall in love, but face opposition from her father. How they over come the hurdle and what are the consequences they have to live with, forms the crux of the story. Debutant Irasu Jaganathan has attempted to make a movie which touches upon many genres, like every other commercial movie does. Such as mystery, love, sentiment, action and so on.

February 01, 2018 18:25

Mannar Vagaiyara

After a brief gap Vemal is back with another film with a village backdrop. Directed by Boopathy Pandian, he has attempted to make a family drama movie, which mainly revolves around sentiments and humour, and has done a pretty decent job in the directorial department, even though the wafer-thin story has nothing new to offer but has all the elements one expects from a true commercial movie.

January 30, 2018 18:26


G Ashok's attempt at keeping the audience in suspense and guessing till the crucial point works well, even when the screenplay lags at times. Yet, the director manages to keep them engaged with various twists and turns till the end. 'Bhaaghamaathie' has all the essential elements one expect in such a movie. Such as thriller, history, horror, entertainment and drama.

January 30, 2018 16:01


Udhayanidhi Stalin takes an unusual vow until he gets his vengeance against Samuthirakani. Delivered in the most simplest manner, 'Nimir', is a straight remake of a critically acclaimed Malayalam film - 'Maheshinte Prathikaaram'. The film contains all the necessary elements one expect in such a family oriented story, such as; love, drama, humour and endless breezy sentiments.

January 26, 2018 13:30

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