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Shenbaga Kottai
Published on :
  Friday, Dec 16,2016 17:34 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 16,2016 17:34 IST
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Director :

Music :
Ratheesh Vegha

Cinematography :
Jithu Damodhar

After falling in love with a woman at first sight in the royal tribal clan, the king decides to build a fort after getting approval for their marriage from her father. Soon after, the king leaves for his kingdom and leaves his wife and now the queen in charge of the fort.

Upon reaching his kingdom, the king realizes that enemies are surrounding it and decides to head back to Shenbaga Kottai after realizing that his life is in danger. Coming to the conclusion that there's no other way to save the king, the queen sacrifices her life and transforms into a ghost protecting the fort as well as the king.

Hundreds of years pass and the inhabitants of Shenbaga Kottai have passed away. The fort too is now covered in cobwebs and has lost its sheen appearing now as a fading building. However, the deceased queen's spirit is still roaming the fort. With that said, a Kali temple is built near the fort to appease the woman's spirit where Ramya Krishnan is often seen worshiping.

Ramya Krishnan has a little daughter despite the demise of her husband. Having said that, Naren comes into the picture looking to confiscate Shenbaga Kottai and its surrounding areas. He recruits Jayaram for the purpose and the latter agrees to take up the task for a handsome sum.

Having reached Shenbaga Kottai, Jayaram befriends Ramya Krishnan and his daughter and becomes close with them. Soon, he marries Ramya Krishnan and ends up getting all the property papers of the fort changed to his name. Shortly thereafter, he leaves them unannounced.

After Jayaram leaves them, Ramya Krishnan's daughter passes away. Few years pass by and it unknown as to what happened to Ramya Krishnan. At this point, Jayaram is seen living a happily married life. And, then comes a ghost that troubles their family. Jayaram then decides to bring in the priest Om Puri who reveals to them that the ghost is indeed Ramya Krishnan's daughter in a spirit form hell-bent on seeking revenge. The remainder of the film's plot revolves around whether Jayaram is able to save himself and his family from Ramya Krishnan's daughter's spirit.

Jayaram has delivered a praiseworthy performance in both the looks he's taken up in the film. Be it the youth phase or as a doting family man, he has owned this role.

Ramya Krishnan doesn't need any new instruction to perform in the classic Amman role having a vast experience from her past roles. She has once again emerged as one who excels in sentimental scenes.

Although Aadukalam Naren appears in only scene, he leaves a lasting impression. The same can be said about Sampath who plays his role with ease. Om Puri as the priest convinces us in his role that he indeed can be a priest.

Director Kannan Thamarakkulam has taken up the challenge of integrating three different stories in one film. With the plot revealed in the first half, viewers are taken through the remainder of the film in a beautiful manner showcasing the relationship between Jayaram and Ramya Krishnan along with various thrill factors.

Ratheesh Vegha's music is complimented in the right manner through Ramya Krishnan's dance in the song specially designed for her. Although the other songs in the film are forgettable, the composer scores high in the background score department. Jithu Damodar's cinematography needs to be complimented.

In short, we can take a trip to Shenbaga Kottai.
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