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Veera Sivaji
Published on :
  Friday, Dec 16,2016 19:58 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 16,2016 19:58 IST
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Music :
Imman D

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Sukumar M

After a couple of missed release dates, Veera Sivaji starring Vikram Prabhu and Shamlee is here. Let's check out how the film fared.

Vikram Prabhu is a call taxi driver based in Pondicherry. Though he doesn't have anyone in the name of relations, Vinodhini acts as a sister figure for him which makes him stand up for her through thick and thin. Vikram Prabhu meets heroine Shamlee in an accident and as always, the sour start leads to lovely relationship.

When everything goes fine, Vinodhini's daughter develops a tumor in her brain and a surgery to get rid of it happens to cost a huge sum. Despite selling his taxi, Vikram couldn't collect the required amount. This is when he meets John Vijay and Mottai Rajendran who would exchange money for fake notes of higher denomination. Vikram falls for this trap, gives in his hard earned money and the duo abscond with the amount. When Vikram takes things in his own hands to recover it, a terrible accident puts our hero in a difficult state. Will he overcome the problems and save the little girl's life and will he win the hand of the girl he loves forms the story of Veera Sivaji.

Even though he plays the role of a call taxi driver, Vikram Prabhu adorns the screen with colorful costumes. Though he excels with the action scenes, he seems to struggle with the romance sequences and comical shots. After making her presence felt as a child artiste, Shamlee is back to the big screens. Her performance as a Vijay fan is good but her role is that of an usual commercial heroine who appears only for the love and song portions.

The biggest pillar of support for this film would be Yogi Babu and Robo Shankar's combination comedy. As Ramesh and Suresh they bring the roof down with laughter, courtesy their amazing performance. As always, John Vijay and Mottai Rajendran are noisy in their negative characters. The Director Ganesh Vinayak, in spite of treating the first half with comical and jovial scenes, fails to establish the story-line hence leaving the audience with nothing to expect in the second half. Only after a certain time the film starts getting serious and when it does, it's quite interesting. Many scenes end up being illogical and in the end, it's apparent that the director has struggled in figuring out on how to end the story.

Imman has done a fabulous job as the film's composer. Especially the 'Soppanasundari' track which would make you want to shake a leg and so is the 'Thaaru Maaru' song which has been crooned by Simbu. Imman has also done a good job with the background music. Sukumar's cinematography adds value to the film.

Overall, Veera Sivaji could've been more fierce.
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