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Balle Vellaiya Thevaa
Published on :
  Friday, Dec 23,2016 19:19 IST
Updated on :
  Friday, Dec 23,2016 19:19 IST
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Music :
Darbuka Siva

Cinematography :
Ravindranath Guru

Hero Sasikumar, post his studies, is waiting for a government job. His mother Rohini, who's working as a post master, gets transferred to a village near Madurai and the family relocates to this new place. In this village, Bala Singh is running a cable tv business and has the village under his control in such a way that no one can get a dish antenna installed at their houses. Because of this, the villagers there have no access to dish technology and are forced to use only his cable network.

In the same village stays heroine Tanya as a butcher's shop owner's daughter who also works in a women employment and empowerment scheme based job. Sasikumar falls in love with her and it starts as a single sided romance. Yet another couple who matter to the story is Kovai Sarala and Sangili Murugan, an elderly pair with whose support Sasikumar follows our heroine.

Without knowing the norms of the village, Sasikumar's house gets a DTH installed and this makes him face the wrath of Bala Singh. Though our hero thrashes his way through the issue, Bala Singh lodges a police complaint against Sasikumar which ends up messing his plan of getting a govt. job as he is thrown behind bars. Sasikumar later gets released and opts for agriculture as a profession but his fire for taking revenge burns brightly. How he does it and whether he also manages to get successful with his love forms the story of Balle Vellaiya Thevaa.

Sasikumar is known for opting scripts that suits his personality and he has done the same with this flick too. He comfortably fits in as a village youngster and the scenes in which he follows the heroine along with help and guidance from Kovai Sarala and Sangili Murugan are fun to watch. However, he still has to improve his dancing skills. Heroine Tanya, the grand-daughter of veteran actor Ravichandran looks pretty and her acting will surely make her family proud. Kovai Sarala and Sangili Murugan have the pivotal job of providing humor to the script but their comedy hasn't worked the way it's expected to do. Kovai Sarala's action of taking selfies throughout the film looks artificial.

Bala Singh has done a great job as the antagonist. Rohini has shined as a dotting mother and a daring woman. Apart from these characters, the others doesn't leave a mark in us.

Director Solai Prakash has delivered a village story with a mixture of love, comedy, revenge and so on. But those expecting a high dose of comedy will be disappointed. The film reminds us of various other Tamil films and hence the story isn't something that leaves us wanting for more. Ravindranath Guru's Cinematography adds colour to the film and is a huge pillar of support too. Despite the music by Darbuka Siva isn't something with recall value, he makes up to it with background score.

Overall, Balle Vellaiya Thevaa could've been a much better film if the comedy scenes had clicked.

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