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  Thursday, Feb 16,2017 18:25 IST
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Krishna Kumar K

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Madhi R

When war flicks are made confined to kingdoms and kings, Indian cinema has come out with a fresh wartime drama between two countries based on a real life incident. Ghazi starring Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Om Puri and Rahul Singh is here and read on to know how the film faired.

India's first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant poses a threat to Pakistan and when the neighbouring country gets to know that it's impossible to attack the humongous ship by land or air, they take the mission underwater and decide to destroy it with their submarine PNS Ghazi. The spy service of India intercepts this message and post a few commands from higher officials, Indian Submarine S21 under Captain Kay Kay Menon and Lt.Commander Rana Daggubati set on a collision course to stop PNS Ghazi. How did a much smaller and less powerful Indian Submarine S21 bring down PNS Ghazi forms the crux of this film.

Rana Daggubati fits in perfectly in the role of a Lt.Commander. Right from his majestic walk in his introduction shot to the powerful dialogues he utters throughout the film, the Baahubali star commands a sense of respect and authority and his well built physique and acting prowess definitely helps. Kay Kay Menon as the Captain, has carried out a role that can be called as another lead for the film. His ferocious acting to sabotage enemies with just his sight falls perfectly in line with the film's theme. Atul Kulkarni as the Executive Officer on board has done a good job in keeping up with the two stars. Taapsee Pannu's role as a refugee strikes the chord well and induces grief. The rest of the cast including veterans Om Puri and Nasser have delivered what's necessary to the script.

Debutant Director Sankalp Reddy has come up with a film which will make the audiences doubt if this is his first flick. The screenplay's pace is on par with Hollywood war flicks. The film is nothing but history unraveling right in front of our eyes and the realism captured through the lens makes the audience feel the happenings.

Scenes capturing the warfare techniques in which Indian Submarine S21 defeats PNS Ghazi despite limitations are a treat to watch. Such shots hold our attention without even letting us batter our eyelids.

Madhi's cinematography would've been a challenging task considering he had to capture most of the film in a closed environment. But he has done a splendid job with the lens. VFX shots are decent too. Music Director K's background music sets the mood perfectly for the film's tone.

Overall, Ghazi is an experience that will leave one thrilled and proud at the same time. 
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