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  Saturday, Feb 25,2017 13:42 IST
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Director :

Music :
Vijay Antony

Cinematography :
Jeeva Sankar

Vijay Antony, who lost his parents at a young age agrees to go to jail for a crime he has not committed. He does this in order to save his grandfather and needs money for his surgery. At jail, he meets Marimuthu. As a result, they get political connections and their enemies decide to kill them both.

After he gets the friendship of those political people, Vijay Antony's life takes a big turn and he has to face many problems. How he wards of those problems forms the rest of the crux of Yaman.

This is Vijay Antony's first time playing a politician and he nails it. However, he stumbles yet again in the romantic sequences. All said and done, the composer turned actor has knocked it out of the park in the action scenes. Although she is featured in few scenes, Miya George does a commendable job with her role. She especially impresses with her dance performance in one of the songs. Thiyagarajan has done a pretty good job coming in as a politician. He has brought out all those innate qualities that a politician would normally emote and has lived his part.

Although Jeeva Shankar has aimed at making a political film, his biggest roadblock in his efforts would be the film's lengthy duration which tests the audience's patience. Some of the unexpected twists in the narrative are a big strength for the film's overall proceedings. However, the songs do play a spoilsport in the progression of the film's story. There are few sequences in the film that are too cinematic and hard to believe. Dialogues are a huge plus.

Vijay Antony has excelled in the film's background score and delivered some enjoyable songs. Although the songs as mentioned earlier are a hindrance in the film's narrative, the "Yem Mela Kai Vachaa Gaali" song and its lyrics impress everyone. Arul Jothi, who is seen in the film as a minister leaves a lasting impression with his Tirunelveli slang. In addition, Charlie, Sangili Murugan, 'Lollu Sabha' Swaminathan and Marimuthu do their roles justice.

Jeeva Shankar has doubled in Yaman as a director as well as cinematographer and is highly commendable. Veera Senthil's editing deserves a word of appreciation.

In short, Yaman is a winner.
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