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Kuttram 23
Published on :
  Friday, Mar 03,2017 12:09 IST
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Director :

Music :
Vishal Chandrashekar

Cinematography :
Bhaskaran K M

A priest in a church in Villivakkam, Chennai is found murdered. At around the same time, a woman who was supposed to meet the priest has gone missing. The woman's husband, who is a reputed industrialist seeks the help of police commissioner Vijayakumar. Assistant Commissioner of Police Arun Vijay is assigned the case to find the whereabouts of the missing woman and he begins his investigation. Mahima Nambiar comes into the picture now to file a complaint on the murder of the priest. Two days later, the industrialist's wife's body is found in the dumpster. Arun Vijay then spearheads the investigation of this case with Mahima Nambiar.

As Arun Vijay consults Mahima Nambiar over the investigation , her family is quite displeased. In the meantime, Arun Vijay expresses his desire to get married to Mahima Nambiar and seeks the permission of her family. Eventually, love blossoms between the two. Mahima also in the meantime shares key details regarding the murder with Arun Vijay. Meanwhile, Amit Bhargav's wife, Abhinaya announces she is pregnant after a long time. However, she commits suicide in a few days by hanging herself. Arun Vijay takes charge of this case too and finds out important details surrounding the mysterious deaths of these pregnant women. Who is behind the deaths of these women? How Arun Vijay manages to get to the bottom of the case forms the thrilling plot of Kuttram 23.

Although this is the first time Arun Vijay has taken on the role of a cop, he excels in his act and has emoted as necessary for the character. Especially in the scene where he investigates his brother Amit Bhargav over his wife's death. Mahima Nambiar's character in the film is a direct contrast to the heroines that are typecast in the industry. She comes throughout the film and makes an impact in the minds of the audiences. She cements herself with her performance over the course of the narrative and convinces us she can pull off playing her part on the same level as the hero. Veteran actor Vijayakumar, who comes only in few scenes pulls off his role with ease. Thambi Ramaiah once again delights audiences with his antics. As in her every other performance, Abhinaya has once again excelled. Aravind Akash plays the menacing anatgonist and makes an impact in the action sequences.

Director Arivazhagan follows a specific pattern of film-making and has emerged victorious once again with Kuttram 23. When there are filmmakers who go overboard in the budget to get their final output right, the filmmaker here has achieved it rather successfully and establishes himself as a name to reckon with. All the scenes in the film have been well written and leaves us satisfied. He deserves appreciation for touching the subject of women who have no children and addressing their psychology and decisions in those instances.

In comparison to the usual medical thrillers, Kuttram 23 is a standout with its unusual approach to storytelling. The dialogues are thought-provoking and have been written in an outstanding manner. Songs by composer Vishal Chandrashekar blend into the narrative seamlessly and his background score adds tremendous strength to the film. Cinematographer Bhaskar K. M. has shot the film in an aesthetic manner.

In short, Kuttram 23 is flawless.
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