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  Saturday, Mar 04,2017 13:49 IST
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Hero :

Heroine :

Director :

Music :
Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography :
Sathya Ponmar

Krishna Kulasekaran and Swathi Reddy are medical college students in a private medical college in Coimbatore being run by Guru Somasundaram. It is love at first sight for Krishna after he comes across Swathi and love blossoms between the two after our hero confesses his feelings for her. In the meantime, Guru Somasundaram finds people with rare blood groups and then gets them killed in accidents. He then collects their blood and supplies them to interested buyers abroad.

Likewise, Guru Somasundaram comes to know that Swathi Reddy also belongs to a rare blood group and wants to attain it under any cost. Meanwhile, his father Radharavi dies all of a sudden under mysterious circumstances. Prakash Raj comes into the picture to investigate and suspects Guru Somasundaram's hand in Radharavi's death. However, upon further investigation, he realizes Guru didn't kill his father. The remainder of the story revolves around Prakash Raj trying to find out the reason behind Radharavi's death and whether Guru Somasundaram manages to attain Swathi's blood for her personal gains.

Krishna Kulasekaran has rocked it in his performance as a college student. He has shined throughout in the romantic scenes with Swathi. His act in the climax strikes a chord in us and makes us shed tears. Swathi Reddy is beautiful as always and charms us with her elegant expressions. Her character in Yaakkai is quite matured and she has done her role justice. She deserves praise for her act especially when she interacts with deaf and dumb children. Prakash Raj maintains his composure with a cool act throughout his performance. If one were to go in to watch Guru Somasundarum in the film with an expectation on the lines of his performance in Joker, then you will be a little disappointed. A sense of artificiality can be sensed in his act in the film. Radharavi's role is short and he has played his part well.

Director Kuzhandhai Velappan has made Yaakkai with the intention of trying to shed light on those individuals in the society who use medicine as a bait to play with people's lives for personal gains. He needs to be complimented for his effort. However, there are many instances in the narrative where logic takes a backseat and this lowers the excitement. A little more attention could have laid on the screenplay and made the story more understandable for the audiences. Yuvan Shankar Raja's songs are highly enjoyable and the composer yet again delivers strongly on the background score department. Sathya Ponmar's cinematography is top-notch and his work in song sequences are eye-popping.

In short, Yaakkai falls short and could have better.
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