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Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva
Published on :
  Thursday, Mar 09,2017 17:24 IST
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Director :

Music :
Amresh Ganesh

Cinematography :
Sarvesh Murari

Sathyaraj is a honest Police Commissioner in Chennai. Meanwhile Raghava Lawrence, who's a cop from the Forest Dept. gets a transfer to Chennai. Under him he's got Kovai Sarala, Sathish, Chams in his station. Without any remorse, Lawrence gets commission from the wrong doers and doesn't do his job to the tee. He also falls in love with Nikki Galrani who's a TV reporter.

In due course, Lawrence helps in the illegal moves of the political big-wig Ashutosh Rana who also tries to bring in his brother Vamsi Krishna into politics. But Vamsi ends up raping a woman and ends up behind bars. With Ashutosh trying to get his brother free, Sathyaraj does his best to serve justice to these siblings. For this he gets to Lawrence to help him but a shocking revelation awaits him. Will those in need of justice get what they deserve? Will this shocking change in the life of Sathyaraj change things?

Raghava Lawrence has done a good job in all segments such as action, comedy and romance. His comedy in the first half along with Kovai Sarala and co. are a treat to watch. In the second half its a drastic change with nail-biting action and powerful punch dialogues. Nikki Galrani looks gorgeous but she could've done a better job with her acting. The comedy sequences involving Kovai Sarala, Sathish, Chams adds a decent value to the film. Sathyaraj has been choosing good supporting roles and this is yet another one. In the shoes of a honest Police officer, he brings us the memory of his heroic days in the cop uniform. Ashutosh Rana's antagonism fails to evoke the effect it's supposed to. Vamsi Krishna's role is a tad different to what he has done in recent times.

Director Sai Ramani has given an out and out commercial entertainer. He has tried to mock the police service and media folks under the pretence of comedy which hasn't worked. But his idea of opting the action route in the second half has worked well. The action sequences are stunning. Amresh's music is enjoyable. Lawrence's dance doesn't need an introduction and his moves want the audience to break a leg at the theatre too. Similarly, the 'Hara Hara Mahadevaki' track with Raai Laxmi is a peppy number that makes those watching ecstatic. Amresh has also done a splendid job with the background score. Sarvesh Murari's Cinematography is really good and that's shown in the songs and stunt sequences.

Overall, Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva is yet another commercial pot-boiler that doesn't offer anything new.

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