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  Friday, Mar 10,2017 09:50 IST
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Javed Riaz

Cinematography :
Selvakumar S K

The story of Maanagaram primarily revolves around Sundeep Kishan, Sri, Charlie and Ram Doss. Sundeep Kishan has completed his college and is courting Regina Cassandra. He's also not interested in taking up a job. Regina, who has a high profile job with an IT company cares for Sundeep, but doesn't show it out. Sundeep Kishan's character in the film will remind us of Kamal Haasan's character in the yesteryear classic Sathya. His character is as such that he will accomplish any task that comes his way without any fear in his mind or heart.

In the meantime, Sri comes to Chennai in search of a job and gets appointed in the same company where Regina is working. He decides to throw a party for his friends after landing the job. However, he gets into an altercation with rogues and loses his original certificates in the process. Sri is in a dilemma as to whether to look for the certificates and take up the job or to head back to his native without anything.

Then, there's Charlie. He comes to Chennai for the treatment of his 8 year old son. He works as a driver to one of Chennai's biggest dons Madhusudhanan and manages the expenses for his son's medical treatment from the money he gets from the work. On the other hand, there's the innocent Ram Doss who takes up a job with rogue elements. He joins the group upon his friend's recommendation and is entrusted with the task of kidnapping a boy. However, since there are too many children with the said name, Ram Doss ends up kidnapping Madhusudhanan's son who is studying in the school.

Incidentally, the kidnapping ends up affecting Sundeep Kishan, Sri, Charlie and Ram Doss. How they overcome obstacles from this point on forms the rest of the plot of Maanagaram.

Sundeep Kishan comes off as a huge presence, but also charms audiences with his power-packed gutsy performance. His commitment in the stunt sequences as well his subtle nuances in the romantic scenes are a delight. We can be sure that he will be seen more often in Tamil cinema after this film. Sri, who has been seen in offbeat films till date has chosen yet another wise script. He has done justice to his part without going overboard. Ram Doss's character is a standout in this film as his comedic antics do not hinder with the story at any point of time. Regina Cassandra plays her role of an IT professional to a tee and is proving to be a consistent talent in the Tamil industry. Charlie brings his experience into his role once again and delivers yet another commendable performance.

Although this film cannot be explained in length, it will without a shadow of a doubt prove to be one helluva fun-filled watching experience in theatres. Filmmaker Lokesh Kanagaraj ha delivered a film that keeps you at the edge of your seats and makes you anticipating what will happen next after each progressing scene. The story of Maanagaram takes place in just two days and as expected and required, he has delivered a top-notch film without any continuity errors or loitering in the script and screenplay department. The young director deserves a standing ovation for his narrative written in such a delicate manner with emphasis on romance, sentiment, action and all commercial elements balanced in a sophisticated manner. Especially for sketching out Ram Doss's character that drives the story forward in a fun-filled way - all this right in his directorial debut.

Although there are many characters in Maanagaram, you will not feel loaded and will come out 100% satisfied. The narrative starts off slow like a roller coaster prepping for an emphatic finish and the film ends up accomplishing its task. The animated title sequence is some stellar work and deserves a round of applause. Despite majority of the story happening at night time, we do not feel any hindrance in following the story and cinematographer SK Selvakumar needs to be credited for it. Javed Riaz's background score is a major strength and adds to the thrill of the film.

In short, Maanagaram should not be missed at any cost. Go watch it soon.
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