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  Saturday, Mar 11,2017 17:15 IST
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Star S J

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Shawn Jazeel

Directed by Micheal Arun Nisabdham is based on a true event that happened in Bengaluru. Ajay and Abhinaya are a couple living in Bengaluru with their 8 year old daughter Sathanya. With both of them working, they don't spare even their free time to spend with their daughter. Hence, Sathanya feels lonely. At one instance, Sathanya lends a helping hand to a stranger who ends up molesting the kid. When this news gets to the cops, Assistant Commissioner Kishore rescues the girl and hospitalizes her following which he informs her parents. What happened to Sathanya? How will her parents react? How will media and rest of the world deal with this? Will the culprit be punished? Nisabdham answers them.

Hero Ajay doesn't get much scope in the first half but post the series of events, he delivers a good performance as the father of an affected girl. The measures he takes to make sure his daughter gets back to normalcy is heart wrenching. Abhinaya was seen in the last week's release Kuttram 23 and once again, she has shown her acting prowess through this film. Though the lip-sync and dubbing issues are obvious, her performance as a young mother definitely deserves praises.

Kishore comes as a honest cop. But the film doesn't give him enough scope to showcase his skills that he is known for. The best performance though should be that of Baby Sathanya. She has lived her character and her acting is so good that she can be called as the film's heroine. The rest of the cast have given what's necessary for the script.

Director Michael Arun has brought in front of our eyes the horror of such a crime that we often read in papers and rarely think about. The message that something like this could happen to even kids and parents should take care of them is neatly placed by the director. He has deeply registered the trauma and pain a family can get into after such an incident. The director deserves recognition for taking such a sensitive subject and presenting it perfectly.

Producer Angelin Davenci is the sister of the director Michael Arun. Being a film of social awareness, Angelin Davenci coming forward to bankroll such a film deserves praises. SJ Star's cinematography has captured the emotions neatly. Shawn Jazeel's background music adds momentum to the film's pace. He has given what's necessary for the script.

Overall, Nisabdham is a socially conscious films that deserves a watch. 
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