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Kanna Pinna
Published on :
  Friday, Mar 17,2017 18:11 IST
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Hero :

Heroine :

Director :

Music :
Roshan Sethuraman

Cinematography :
Jarald Rajamanickam

Heroine Anjali Rao is a wannabe film director who lives with her gang of friends who also want to make a mark in the film industry. They try hard to make a film by themselves. Anjali meets a director who wants a complete comedy entertainer to which Anjali states she's got a script in the name of KannaPinna.

Impressed by the title, the producer gives her as advance of Rs. 5 lakhs. But she breaks the news back at her house to her gang that she doesn't even have such a story ready. But without losing hope, the gang goes out looking for a story and they stumble upon hero Thiya Nair who goes around bus stops giving chocolates to women and asking them to fall in love with him. The gang decides to follow him as they believe he would be the best person to give him a comedy story. Will Anjali end up doing the film she plans to? Kanna Pinna answers it.

Hero Thiya Nair is also the director. He is projected as a very innocent character but as he's got a physique that of a villain, it's hard to gel with the story. Anjali Rao too has her share of unwanted scenes. She ends up laughing out of the blue at many instances which doesn't help the script in any way. Siva in villain's role looks perfect for the character but he is not able to deliver the performance required. He could do better with the right role.

The friends of the hero and heroine have done what's needed from them. Most of the supporting actors look like they've walked out of a gym due to their beefed up looks. When they attempt comedy with such looks it's hard to enjoy their comedy. The director's choice of the title fits in hence.

Roshan Sethuraman has composed the music for this flick. 'Lingeri Mittai' is good to hear but the picturisation isn't up to the mark. The rest of the songs are OK-ish. More attention could've been given to the background music. Jarald Rajamanickam's cinematography is decent.

Overall, Kanna Pinna is a title that defies the film perfectly. 
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