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Bruce Lee
Published on :
  Friday, Mar 17,2017 19:37 IST
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Hero :

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Director :

Music :
Prakashkumar G V

Cinematography :
Shankar P V

G.V. Prakash is a youngster who gets scared by everything possible. His mother finds out that he seems to be brave when he watches Bruce Lee's films and hence names him Bruce Lee. Though he believes he's brave after a few years he gets thrashed by a rowdy following which he decides to maintain a low profile.

Meanwhile, GV falls in love with heroine Kriti Kharbanda. On the other hand, villain Munish Kanth murders minister Mansoor Ali Khan. This is caught on cam by the GV, Kriti and their friend Bala Saravanan. This causes problems to Munish Kanth who decides to get rid of the root cause. Who wins in this cat and mouse race is the story of this flick.

G.V. Prakash has acted in the same way he has done in his previous films. Once again in the name of comedy, the antics he does only provokes the audience in the wrong way. Kriti Kharbanda is debuting to Tamil cinema with this flick but her acting looks as if she's an experienced performer. Her role is very glamorous and she does deliver what's necessary. But as the film offers very little scope for her to do much, her performance goes in vain. She's definitely a force to reckon if she chooses the right scripts.

Bala Saravanan has played a pivotal role in the film instead of being just a comedian. But very few scenes of him result in laughter. Mansoor Ali Khan can be called as having a second chance in Tamil cinema but his talents haven't been used well. Only one scene is what the veteran gets and he makes use of it fortunately. Motta Rajendran, a recurring character in all GV films has delivered what's necessary as always.

Despite having the film's title as Bruce Lee, the action sequences aren't up the mark and director Prasanth Pandiyaraj could've concentrated more on it. Similarly, comedy sequences doesn't deliver the expected humor. Even though he doesn't offer anything new with his acting, G.V. Prakash has done a good job with the background music. He has also given a good music album on the whole. PV Shankar's cinematography is a major plus for this flick. What's worrying is the fact that they couldn't deliver a watchabale flick despite having such a strong crew.

Overall, Bruce Lee lacks in any punches or kicks whatsoever.
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