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Vaanga Vaanga
Published on :
  Monday, Mar 20,2017 19:03 IST
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Music :
Rajesh Mohan

Cinematography :
Sibin Sivan

There are many films in Tamil cinema that ends with a message. Where Vaanga Vaanga differs from the pack is, this flick talks about the cons of having fake friends through social media. In an attempt to become a director, Powerstar Srinivasan tells the story of Vaanga Vaanga which happens to be the film itself.

Niveditha and Madhuchanda use social media to trap men and get what they want from cornering the victims. What they don't know is that their house is haunted and this ghost terrorizes the men who visit the house. Karate Raja is one such victim who makes money illegally. He visits this house but ends up disappearing without a trace leaving the man who's money he ran away with, to send Vikki and Hanifa to look out for him. Similarly after a while, another guy who visits the house too ends up dying. Why and who are the reason behind these murders? What's their problem? That forms the rest of the story.

As Powerstar Sreenivasan and Appukutty have the roles of explaining the story, they have almost no scope to perform. As it's a socially inclined flick, they haven't given any importance to a hero character as such. That job is done collectively by the newcomers Vikki, Hanifa, Karate Raja, Rajesh Mohan and Babu. Out of this the first three have delivered a fine performance. Despite appearing only post intermission, Shreya Sri, who plays the role of a Malayali, has registered a good act in love and sentiment sequences. Niveditha and Madhuchanda too have given what's necessary for the script. Especially in the climax, Niveditha puts up a stellar show.

NP Ismail has taken care of all departments such as story, screenplay, dialogue, songs and production. The issues that could arise from meeting strangers through social media has been captured well and he deserves applause for that. Even though it's a film with a message, he has scripted a story around it with thrilling scenes, sentiment and more. Sibin Sivan and Bagavathi Bala's cinematography along with Rajesh Mohan's music has added strength to the flick.

Overall, Vaanga Vaanga is a film worth visiting for the invitation.

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