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  Friday, Mar 24,2017 13:24 IST
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Music :
Anoop Seelin J

Cinematography :
Vijay Milton

In Tharangambadi, Nagapattinam district, Bharath becomes the councillor after contesting as an independent candidate. Hence he commands respect among the locals. Inspector Venkatesh gets transferred to this same town and Rajakumaran tags along as his cook. Rajakumaran develops a friendship with Radhika Prasidhha who's a teacher and gets affectionate over a girl who studies in that same school under Radhika's wings.

Meanwhile, Bharath gets recommended to become a M.L.A by a minister who visits the town. This minister who also presides over a function in a school misbehaves with the child who Radhika takes care of. Since this minister plays a key role in making his an M.L.A, Bharath turns a blind eye to this incident despite seeing it. But Radhika rescues this student and informs Rajakumaran. Despite not being in a state where he can bring justice to the girl child and make the minister face the wrath of our law, Rajakumaran decides to dwell into this issue. How he does it and what roles Radhika and Bharath play in this plan forms the rest of the story.

Bharath fits the role of a young politician. His mannerisms and costumes give him the stylish look. With different shades, Bharath has delivered a good performance. Rajakumaran's acting is the biggest pillar of support for the film. Many have used the director as a comedy actor but Vijay Milton has given a role that has brought out the artist in him. His acting is real and Rajakumaran brings in the emotions with ease. Radhika Prasidhha made her mark in last year's Kuttram Kadithal as a teacher again. In this flick her acting has gone up another notch. The rest of the cast too have delivered what's necessary for the script. Dhaya Venkat, as the politician who molests the kid, deserves special mention.

Those who've fought politicians who've caused grief to laymen have rarely succeeded. Similarly, what lengths will an innocent person go to when he doesn't get justice, has been taken as the subject by director Vijay Milton. Women, despite how young they are, are becoming the target of perverts and this is an issue that's yet to be addressed. If necessary awareness could be spread about this evil, the chances of it reducing is highly likely and that's exactly what this film has done.

But the makers have made it a point to not bring this out as a socially inclined message filled story and hence sprinkled a good dash of humour. Vijay Milton's dialogues is yet another plus point to this flick. His cinematography too deserves praises. He has captured the beauty of the town where this story happens in his unique style. Supreme Sundar's fight sequence in the climax is interesting to watch. Arunagiri's music has given only two songs in this flick but both these songs are enjoyable. Since the songs move along with the story, they aren't of any hindrance to the flow of the film. The background score too delivers what's needed for the story. Suriya has definitely made a good move by distributing this flick under his 2D Entertainment banner.

Overall, Kadugu is a spicy concoction that's got to be enjoyed at the big screens. 
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