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  Friday, Mar 31,2017 17:56 IST
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Music :
Vivek Siva

Cinematography :
Dinesh Krishnan B

Coming from a middle-class family, Nayanthara's father Thambi Ramaiah wants to see his daughter married in a respectable family. He takes her to their ancestor's temple to seek their God's blessings for his daughter. They then head to his rich sister's place for a collaboration in her call taxi business, but she disrespects them. The two then decide to start their own call taxi business. They then come across a second-hand vintage car which Nayanthara takes an instant liking to.

Nayanthara decides to start her call taxi business using vintage cars under the belief the idea will click with people. She manages to get frequent business despite a slow start. One day, a customer fixes a trip to Kodaikanal and Nayanthara fixes a driver for him. On the journey, they come across a traveler and the car starts to chase him out of the driver's control. The car comes to a sudden halt after the traveler manages an escape. Frightened by what has happened, the travelers inside the car jump out.

Upon hearing about the incident, Nayanthara sets off to Kodaikanal to retrieve the car. As she is returning, the traveler is once again spotted by the car and it spins out of Nayanthara's control. She then decides to meet a priest to find out if her car is haunted. She comes to know that a dog's soul is trapped within the car and is hell-bent on revenge against those who had killed it. The priest further reveals that Nayanthara has something that belongs to the dog. The rest of the plot of Dora revolves around how she puts together the puzzle to solve the mystery behind her car and who the people are that the dog's soul wants to kill.

'Lady Superstar' Nayanthara, who has chosen good scripts in recent times has added yet another feather to her hat. She plays the comedic portions in the first half convincingly and pulls off the seriousness her character requires in the second half. The director has offered the actress a meaty role and she has done a tremendous job. Her portions with Thambi Ramaiah add vibrance to the film.

Thambi Ramaiah is his usual self and delivers yet another satisfactory performance. His trademark comedic skills are at full flair in the film. He also convinces us how an affectionate father must be towards daughters. Harish Uthaman comes as a police officer and does his role justice. The little girl in the flashback is sweet and deserves appreciation.

Director Doss Ramasamy needs to complimented for a story that offers both comedy and thrills. Although the first half drags a bit, he manages to take the audience on a race in the second half with the car as the film's central character. Songs in the film are good; especially the one in the flashback sequence. The Vivek-Mervin duo have rocked it in the background score department. Their car theme is different and completely new to listeners. Dinesh Krishnan's cinematography skills comes to the fore especially in the night scenes. He has truly elevated the film's scope.

In short, this Dora will also be loved by fans.
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