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8 Thottakkal
Published on :
  Friday, Apr 07,2017 19:18 IST
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Hero :

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Director :

Music :
Sundaramurthy KS

Cinematography :
Dinesh K Babu

Hero Vetri is sent to jail when he is a kid for a crime he did not commit. A policeman who realizes that there's potential in Vetri and that he has not done any wrong decides to help him. He urges and encourages the young Vetri to join the police force when he grows up. Despite a lack of interest in the line, Vetri fulfills the police officer's request and becomes a police officer after he grows up. He joins and does his duty as a honest Sub-Inspector in the police station in which Mime Gopi is the Inspector. However, others in his station do not share the same sense of justice that Vetri upholds within himself. They decide to send him packing as he doesn't fall under their expectations.

In the midst of this, Mime Gopi assigns Vetri to nab a dangerous rowdy and gives him a revolver with eight bullets for his protection. Vetri, who sets out to catch the rogue element loses his revolver to a child pickpocket. Shocked by the turn of events, Vetri informs about the incident to Mime Gopi, who gives him a day's time to retrieve the revolver. If he failed to recover in the stipulated time, Vetri would have to report it to the higher authorities. Following this, Vetri heads to locate the gun using all means possible. However, seven bullets are already fired in different parts of the city and Nassar steps in to investigate the matter with a team of his own. The rest of the film revolves around whether Vetri manages to retrieve the gun and why all the people were killed.

Vetri sports a depressed look throughout the film, but gets in line after donning the khaki and sets into becoming the policeman he has been projected to be. He fits the role perfectly and has delivered a commendable performance. Aparna Balamurali's role isn't the usual run-off-the-mill character and comes as a TV reporter who helps the flow of the narrative. Her performance is natural and deserves appreciation. MS Bhaskar has a major role in the film and brings in all his experience in his part. A particular scene in the film featuring him for almost five minutes is a testimony to the fact that he is one of the best actors in the industry as he narrates the depressing incidents in his life. He deserves a standing ovation for his performance. One of the most consistent actors, Nassar, who appears in every film releasing every week these days has once again left a positive mark. All his roles are different and so are his performances and, that is no doubt praiseworthy. Mime Gopi as the inspector, T. Siva as the constable, Charles Vinodh as the rowdy and his wife have all played their parts exceptionally well.

Director Sri Ganesh is yet another great addition to the list of young filmmakers in the Tamil film industry and he has hit the jackpot with his 8 Thottakkal. The way he has weaved the story and extracted the performances as necessary for the screenplay needs to be praised. Be it the way he has depicted crime in the film, sentiment, romance, betrayal and all supporting elements for a power-packed commercial entertainer, the filmmaker has struck gold. Dinesh K. Babu's cinematography elevates the film and takes us on a thrilling ride. Sundar Murthy's songs are enjoyable with the background score keeping the pace of the film in track.

In short, 8 Thottakkal is an explosive entertainer. 
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