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Senjittale En Kadhala
Published on :
  Thursday, Apr 13,2017 19:11 IST
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Hero :

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Director :

Music :
Raj Barath

Cinematography :
Ezhil Durai

Hero Ezhil Durai is a college-goer living with his father Ajay Ratnam, a lawyer by profession and his mother and sister. One day, he gets to meet his sister's friend Madhumila and it is instant attraction for him. Few days later, he once again sees her and the attraction turns to love now. In the days ahead, he reveals his feelings towards her which she soon reciprocates and love blossoms between them. The two are happy in their relationship despite Ezhil not being able to get a job and being dependent on his father. In the midst of this, Madhumila is elected Chairman of the college after securing a win in the elections. She befriends another person and decides to leave Ezhil. Heartbroken and left with no choice, Ezhil too leaves her.

Ezhil makes up his mind to get over his heartbreak and rise up in life by starting his own company. He decides to start his own company and rise to a respectable level in the eyes of the society. Abhinaya joins his company as an employee and falls in love with him, who reveals to her about the relationship he shared with Madhumila. On the other hand, Madhumila's relationship comes to an end with the person whom she ditched Ezhil for. She then enters another relationship with yet another person and this relationship too ends in a failure. Madhumila's father Mime Gopi approaches Ezhil's parents for their wedding. The rest of the plot of Senjittale En Kadhala revolves around whether Ezhil accepts Madhumila or if he reciprocates Abhinaya's love for him.

Ezhil Durai has performed extremely well for a debutant and excels in his expressions and actions. Some of the dialogues he speaks in the film gel along well with his character and mannerisms as if they were written especially for him. Madhumila's character in the film is a complete contrast to Ezhil's and she has aced her part. The way her character undergoes a transformation makes us hate her and this is a testimony to an actor's success. Abhinaya doesn't need any new introduction. Despite being unable to speak, her portrayal of her character is exceptional once again. 'Kayal' Vincent has delivered the laughs as the comedian. Mime Gopi, Mahanadhi Shankar have done justice to their roles.

Ezhil, who has made his debut as an actor as well as a director deserves a round of applause for his efforts. He goes on to show in the film the various problems youngsters these days face after having their hearts broken in love and to what to extent they put themselves through the various trials and tribulations. However, he could have focused a bit more on writing a better screenplay. Music by F. Raj Bharath is good and his background score is a major strength for the film.

In short, Senjittale En Kadhala is a battle for love. 
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