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Julieum 4 Perum
Published on :
  Friday, Apr 14,2017 10:52 IST
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Hero :

Heroine :

Director :

Music :
Raghu Sravan Kumar

Cinematography :
Rowin Bhaskar KA

A dog named Julie in California, America is considered a lucky charm to many. A group decides to kidnap the dog and bring it to Chennai after killing its owner. It is later revealed that the person who orders the kidnapping of the dog is none other than the heroine Alya's father. He then rewards the kidnappers by paying them Rs. one crore. In the meantime, Amudhavanan, Sathish and Vijay come to the city in search of a job and are conned of their money by a group. It is at this point they befriend an auto driver named George, who gives them much-needed emotional support. Having lost all their money, the youngsters decide to get money by backdoor methods. Meanwhile, Julie strays away from its home and consumes something and ends up fainting. The four friends find Julie half conscious and return her to its owner. It is now when they end up becoming friends with Alya.

After Alya informs her father about what has happened, he informs his personal assistant to reward the youngsters with Rs. 10 lakhs. But, the PA cons and pays them only them Rs. 10,000. The youngsters are angered by this act and now decide to kidnap Julie. Alya's father is perturbed over having lost Julie once again and the group that kidnaps the dog from California once again comes back to kidnap her. On the other hand, a girl by name Julie has gone missing and the police, who are in search of her shift their focus to this group. The rest of the plot of Julieum 4 Perum revolves around who Julie the dog is with and whether she brings the youngsters the good luck they are looking for.

Amudhavanan, Sathish, Vijay and George are seen throughout the film and have performed their roles well. Their hmor is enjoyable. Alya Manasa has done what has been expected of her and does it convincingly. Mahanadhi Shankar, who comes in as the police officer once again has a role that has scope for both comedy as well as villainry.

Director RV Satheesh has entered the world of cinema after having run an IT company. He has made an enjoyable film in his first attempt. Apart from directing the film, he also comes as one of the four stars. He has managed to make a film that shows what happens when a group of friends get together - it is no doubt a joyous riot. Having said that, had he trimmed the duration of the film, it would have been a delightful experience. Composer Raghu Varshan has given enjoyable music and shines in the background score department. K. A. Baskaran's cinematography is a big strength for the film.

In short, Julieum 4 Perum is a rib-tickler. 
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