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Aarambamey Attakasam
Published on :
  Saturday, May 06,2017 18:03 IST
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Music :
Jaya K Doss

Cinematography :
Anand R

Pandiarajan doesn't marry the woman he loved in his youth and raises his son under the condition that he marries a girl only after falling in love. After he becomes an adult, Jeeva comes across Sangeetha Bhat and it is love at first sight. He gets the opportunity to see her the next day and befriends her. Soon, their friendship develops and love blossoms between them. He fulfills all of Sangeetha's wishes and gets her everything she asks for. He further takes up a job at Chaams' office and one day has to leave town for work. However, after he leaves, he doesn't receive any message or word from Sangeetha.

Jeeva suspects something wrong going on and decides to come back. Upon reaching Chennai, he comes to know Sangeetha is close with another person. He then decides to confront her regarding this, but is sent back humiliated by her. The remainder of the plot revolves around whether Jeeva goes after Sangeetha or seeks his revenge against her.

Up until now, Jeeva has been seen taking up only comedy roles and Aarambamey Attakasam marks his debut as a hero. And, he does a pretty impressive job in his new role by acing the expressions as well as dialogues; especially when he suffers heartbreak as a result of Sangeetha's actions - he has performed his role with complete genuinity. There are certain instances where he shows similarities in his expressions akin to 'Superstar' Rajinikanth. However, if he does manage to create a style of his own, he definitely has a big shot to making a name for himself as a hero in the Tamil film industry.

The story of Aarambamey Attakasam primarily revolves around Sangeetha Bhat and the actress has performed her role rather well. Chaams, Vaiyapuri among others' comedy antics take the story forward till the end of the first half. Although he appears in a few sequences, Pandiarajan delivers. Gnanasambandam has the best dialogues in the film as he utters thoughtful words.

Director Ranga has attempted to make a film that brings to light few women who dupe men in the name of love. He impresses in showing the lengths men go through to satisfy the women they love. He finds a balance between romance, sentiment and comedy rather well. Anand's cinematography skills come to the fore; especially in the wine shop song sequence. Jaya K Doss's music is pleasant and so is his background score.

In short, Aarambamey Attakasam is terrific.
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