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Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen
Published on :
  Friday, May 12,2017 18:09 IST
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Director :

Music :
Imman D

Cinematography :
Venkatesh K G

Madhan Bob resigns from his posting in a national political party in Delhi after he finds no chicken piece in his chicken biryani. He then starts his own political party and appoints Soori to lead the party in Tamil Nadu. An unemployed Udhayanidhi Stalin along with his friend Yogi Babu join the party. Soori, for the purpose of printing posters for the party gets into an argument with Mansoor Ali Khan, who then threatens to kill him. Fearing for his life, Soori absconds and heads to Dubai upon Udhayanidhi Stalin's advice.

Udhyanidhi Stalin then carries forward the party's works and news reaches Madhan Bob, who names him the new party chief. In the meantime, Regina Cassandra, who happened to be Udhayanidhi's neighbor back in their childhood returns to the same town and are at loggerheads with each other once again. However, Udhayanidhi has a soft corner for Regina Cassandra and soon falls in love with her. Soori then comes back to town and comes to the conclusion that his life has been ruined because of Udhayanidhi and decides to take revenge on him with the help of Regina and they both attempt to make him go crazy.

Srushti Dange, a friend of Udhayanidhi Stalin dies and comes in the form of a spirit to help him against Soori and Regina. The rest of the plot revolves between whether Regina and Soori are successful in their attempt against Udhayanidhi, how Regina falls in love with Udhaynidhi after Srushti's spirit enters her and their political entry.

This is the first time Udhayanidhi has starred in a film that has political shades and he does justice to his role by striking a balance between comedy and action. In addition, he has also improved in his dance moves. Regina amps up the glam quotient appearing in sleeveless shirts throughout the narrative. Although she appears in only song, Srushti Dange has done as required for her part. Yogi Babu has once again shined with his comedy antics. Soori has gotten an offbeat role as a comedian with negative shades and has pulled it off quite well. Mansoor Ali Khan takes charge of his role with ease. Livingston, Robo Shankar, Chaams, Ravi Mariya and others have justified their roles.

K. G. Venkatesan's cinematography skills come to the fore and has shot the film exceptionally well. D. Imman's songs fit well with the story-line and so does his background score compliment the narrative.

In short, Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen has plenty of fun-filled moments.
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