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  Friday, May 12,2017 19:22 IST
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Music :
Paartav Barggo

Cinematography :
Premkumar C

Kalaiyarasan lives with his father Velu Ramamoorthy, his mother and younger sister and runs a self-financed money counting machine business with his friend Rajkumar. Kalaiyarasan's family have always encouraged his younger sister to take up medical studies right from her childhood. Satna Titus, a police officer and a distant relative likes Kalaiyarasan and gets her job posting in the same locality where he resides.

Meanwhile, Kalaiyarasan's sister tops her plus two examinations and he tries hard in securing a medical college seat for her. However, there is only disappointment in store for them as his sister is rejected during the counseling. Determined to see his sister become a doctor, he approaches few private medical colleges for a seat. He then comes across few agents who pose as mediators for the college managements in striking a deal with bribes for the medical college seats. He manages to get the money required from his business and getting loans from close friends.

He finally gets his sister admitted in the college run by the villain Gautham. However, the college runs into trouble few days later when its license gets stripped. As a result, her studies come to a complete halt and Kalaiyarasan heads to the intermediate to seek his money back. However, the person threatens Kalaiyarasan with the help of the police. Pained over not being able to get the money, he leaves with his family. At that moment, a car heads straight towards them and hits Kalaiyarasan's sister and she is killed at the spot. The broker, who collected the money from Kalaiyarasan steps out of the car and runs away. Kalaiyarasan then sets out for revenge and finds out the nexus behind the incidents. How things unfold from this point on forms the rest of the plot of Yeidhavan.

In comparison to his previous roles, Kalaiyarasan has a meaty part and has made use of the opportunity to a full extent. Post her Pichaikkaran, Satna Titus has emerged on top once again. Gautham as the antagonist has justified his role in terms of performance essaying the look and style that a villain would normally showcase. Krishna, who makes his acting debut in the film has made an impressive start to his acting career. Aadukalam Naren and Velu Ramamoorthy bring in their experience and perform their roles with ease. Chandran and Vinod as the medical college brokers have played their parts well.

Sakthi Rajasekaran's attempt to make a film on the corruption behind medical colleges and the education system is a fresh one and needs to be lauded. His effort to bring to light the problems a person would face at that point are commendable. The film coming at a time when medical college counseling is about to begin can be considered appropriate release strategy and the team needs to complimented for this move. The film brings to light various issues surrounding a student's future education and how parents need to pay more serious attention in helping their children joining credible institution that will help their futures. The dialogues too add more power to the scenes and story-line. C. Premkumar's cinematography is top class and we are treated to a visual delight. Paartav Barggo has put in a lot of effort behind the background score and the same can be said about the songs which are enjoyable.

In short, Yeidhavan throws good light on another side of medical education. 
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