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Thirappu Vizha
Published on :
  Saturday, May 13,2017 20:03 IST
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Music :
Vasantha Ramesh

Cinematography :
Selva R P

Rahana is living with her father G. M. Kumar in a small village. On the other hand, Jaya Anand, who lost his father as a result of addiction to liquor drinking finds work in a wine shop in the village. Since he despises liquor drinking and addiction, he takes it upon himself to inform the families of those people, who are in an intoxicated state on the roads and resorts to other such help for those in need. Seeing such attributes, Rahana falls in love with Jaya Anand. However, he rejects his proposal.

In the meantime, low quality liquor is being sold at these bars and the demand is quite high with the consumers not knowing they're being duped. Upon coming to know the harmful effects in the low quality liquor, he takes up the issue and problems soon come knocking at his door. Knowing his actions to be a threat to their business, the liquor manufacturers decide to get him in trouble with the police. The cops too act in favor of the liquor barons and issue a strong warning to Jaya Anand.

G. M. Kumar meanwhile, realizing his daughter's feelings for Jaya Anand persuades him to get married to her. He states he has his own set of ideals and decides to follow them. However, he accepts Rahana's proposal under the condition that her father should quit drinking altogether and only then will agree for marriage. Her father agrees to the condition, but says he will quit after drinking one last time and takes his friends along. Upon consuming the alcohol, it is revealed that it's been poisoned and he along with his friends die as a result. Jaya Anand then decides to raise the issue once again and is arrested by the police this time. How he comes out of this problem, whether he manages to shut down the wine shop forms the rest of the plot Thirappu Vizha.

Despite being a debutant, Jaya Anand has delivered a matured performance and shows promising signs for a future in acting. Rahana forms a good impression among the minds of the audiences with her subtle and neat performance. G. M. Kumar along with Pasanga Sivakumar have done justice to their roles. Bava Lakshman, Vijay Sundar, Kavitha Balaji, Rangasamy have all played their parts well as required for the story.

Director K. G. Veeramani has attempted to make a film based on the current situation prevailing around us - that of the problems that crop up as a result of consumption of alcohol and the horrendous issues that follow suit wherein families are affected the most. And, the filmmaker needs to be praised for his efforts. Dialogues by Nilam too add more power to the film's plot. The film comes at a time when several protests are being conducted on an everyday basis across the state against liquor consumption and the entire business. RP Selva's cinematography skills comes to the fore and he has performed his duties. Vasantha Ramesh's background score too needs to be lauded.

In short, Thirappu Vizha is a film that has come at the right time. 
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