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  Friday, May 19,2017 18:25 IST
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Music :
Arrol Corelli

Cinematography :
Karthick Raja

The film starts off with Delhi Ganesh on a live video being streamed online where he is seen saying he is on the verge of death. He states that his death is nearing as more number of viewers watch the video. The news reaches the city's Commissioner of Police Y. G. Mahendran, who orders the Cyber Crime wing headed by Shwetha Menon and Erode Mahesh to swing into action. However, the video keeps getting more viewership count and Delhi Ganesh eventually loses his life.

Soon after, Deputy Commissioner Ganesh Venkatram takes charge of the case and a new video begins streaming on the specific website which shows a journalist now struggling to save his life. He too dies as the viewership increases and Erode Mahesh is soon suspended temporarily from his duties. However, Mahesh wants to get back into his job and assists the team from outside in whichever way he can. Soon, he too is kidnapped and now struggles for his life as a new video gets streamed live online. Ganesh gets confused with these events and Mahesh loses his life as the video's viewership count increases.

Shwetha Menon gets abducted now and she too goes through a battle to save herself as yet another live video featuring her gets streamed online. The rest of the plot of Inayathalam revolves around whether Ganesh manages to save her or not and how he finds out the mastermind behind these gruesome murders.

Ganesh Venkatram, who is mostly is seen in police officer or army roles has once again done justice to his role as required for the plot. Shwetha Menon has brought in experience and has delivered an intense performance and charms us with her exceptional beauty. Suganya Sridharan's part is a crucial one and the actress has powered her way with her role. Although Erode Mahesh tries his best with his comedy antics, he fails to impress. However, he shows maturity in his acting and performed well for the serious scenes. Y. G. Mahendran and Delhi Ganesh perform their roles with complete ease yet again while Badava Gopi and Koushika are clean in their act.

Inayathalam isn't as engaging as it could and should have been despite the director duo Shankar and Suresh helming the film. Their attempt at showing murders in live online streaming is noble, but the film takes a major hit as the screenplay is quite weak. Although there are twists and thrills over the course of the film's narrative, justice isn't done in executing those sequences. At a time when young filmmakers are shining bright, it is a bit of a disappointment that two directors working on the same project haven't been able to bring into reality a similar success. A. Karthik's cinematography skills come to the fore and Arrol Corelli's background score lend support to a certain extent.

In short, Inayathalam isn't engaging enough. 
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