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Richie, is a remake of a Kannada blockbuster film, 'Ulidavaru Kandanthe', with few plot changes. Debutant Gautham Ramachandran has done a pretty decent job in the directorial department, but has completely gone over the top and has complicated the screenplay a little too much. Yet, Nivin Pauly's performance will not come off as a disappointment to you.

December 09, 2017 14:35


Selva Varadharajan has directed and played the lead role in the film. '12-12-1950', is a crime entertainer, which is a tribute of sorts for the Superstar Rajinikanth fans out there. Though the concept seems interesting, the film lacks the reason to why the movie should be celebrated. Still, it is a decent watch.

December 08, 2017 18:21


Sibi goes on an near to impossible mission to find his ex-girlfriend's lost daughter, when everyone else around him claims that she does not exist. Sathya, is a honest remake of the Telugu blockbuster film, Kshanam, and contains all the necessary elements one expects in story like this; mystery, confusion, edge of the seat thrill and a shocking climax.

December 08, 2017 14:36


After 'Komban' and 'Marudhu', M Muthaiah is back again with another village backdrop film, which focuses on family sentiments. In 'Kodiveeran', it mainly focuses on siblings and brother-in-law relationship. The film contains all the necessary elements one expects in such a family oriented story, like; decent romance, action, sentiment, dialogues and endless drama.

December 07, 2017 20:12


Director Aarupadaiyappan, has attempted to make an intense film which revolves around the sentiments of a mentally challenged son and a loving mother, almost like Jiiva's 'Ram'. Though it sounds interesting, the way the film has scripted was really poor. Tej Charanraj, is the son of a popular veteran actor Charan raj, who is predominately known for his roles as a villain.

December 07, 2017 18:31


Vijay Antony successfully turns into an editor with 'Annadurai', and has for the first time performed in dual roles. The film is packed with all the necessary elements like; romance, action, sentiment, and endless drama, which can be completely family oriented film.

December 01, 2017 19:16

Thiruttuppayale 2

While Susi Ganeshan's 'Thiruttuppayale' focused on illicit affairs, manipulation and blackmail. 'Thiruttuppayale 2' revolves around the reality and negativity of social network and technology. Susi has given you all the reason to be conscious when it comes to internet, because there is a reason to why it is known as the 'World Wide Web', with a simple script.

November 30, 2017 18:36

Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru

'Guru Uchaththula Irukkaru' is a rural based family entertainer, which has all the necessary elements such as romance, comedy, action, sentiment, etc. Though the movie lacked a story which keeps you engaged with the script, the film's making is pretty good.

November 29, 2017 17:55

English Padam

'English Padam' revolves around three victims who gets together and take revenge on a conning thief. Kumaresh Kumar has attempted to make a con heist film, mixed with humour, horror and action. The film starts off interestingly but then it takes a pathetic downfall, as he has tried to include so many genres, that the screenplay looses track and fails to make sense towards the end.

November 29, 2017 11:23

Mecheri Vana Bhathrakali

Mecheri Vana Bhathrakali, is a devotional movie with an age old script, but has completely failed to keep the audience hooked to the story as the screenplay is boring, old and has nothing new or refreshing to offer.

November 28, 2017 16:18


MS Anand, has attempted to make an anthology of sorts movie, which focuses on different lives of people who has suffered the wrath of the Sri Lankan warzone. Though the concept seems interesting, this film is like all other attempts at re-creating the civil war which took place at Sri Lanka.

November 27, 2017 19:15


Kalaa Prabu has done a pretty decent job in the directorial department even though many loose ends are evident. He has attempted to make an adventure filled film with fantasy, which is one of a kind in Tamil cinema. The film has all the elements which can be enjoyed by all children, and the kids within every grown up.

November 25, 2017 11:27


With the story set in a village backdrop S Faridh has attempted to make a movie which focuses on how timing is everything. The film revolves around three individuals and what are the consequences they face after their lives cross paths.

November 24, 2017 18:00


Director Saravana Shakti's efforts to lay focus on a horror genre has backfired as his depiction of the ghost around which the film revolves looks quite nothing like a supernatural entity. A ghost needs to incite fear within us, but 'Soorakaathu' does the exact opposite.

November 22, 2017 18:29

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru

Karthi has donned the police get up for the second time, and he completely slays it. 'Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru', throws light on the heinous crimes which took place between 1995 to 2005. Though it sounds serious, the film has all the commercial elements in it to, such as, drama, romance, and loads of perfect action.

November 17, 2017 19:07

En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom

The film's main lead, Tamizh, a familar child artist who impressed us all with his performances in Pasanga and Marina, has grown into a young man and has made his debut with this unique love story, which works in parts. In short, 'En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom' is all about Tamizh in search of his lover's lost footwear, which is the key for him to express his love to her.

November 17, 2017 19:02


Babu Radhakrishnan has acted and directed in Rukku, and he has attempted to make a film which revolves around a beautiful fortune teller called Rukku, who hates men. And Babu trying to woo and make her believe in him and true love.

November 17, 2017 15:43

Tharisu Nilam

V Vedajiipandian has attempted to make village centered film which talks about how people are driven with the need to practice casteism, and how racism blinds a person. Though the concept is an age old story, the movie could have been loads better, as both the screenplay and direction fails to keep the audience hooked to the story.

November 16, 2017 18:46


Nayanthara's 'Aramm', directed by Gopi Nainar, addresses one of the society's most important issue, which we come across in our daily lives. It is narrated in a compelling way where, the impact of the hard hitting truth stays with you way after the movie ends. Om Prakash's cinematography skills are on point, while Ghibran's background score is on point.

November 11, 2017 13:28


Rishi is the director and actor for the film, who has attempted to make a romantic action film, but has failed to keep the audience hooked to the story. Rishi falls in love with Priyanka Sharma, but faces difficulties when she rejects him. Following that he also faces the wrath of a ruthless revenge seeking gangster as he bet up his beloved brother.

November 10, 2017 18:03

Nenjil Thunivirunthal

Previously titled as 'Aram Seidhu Pazhagu', then changed into Nenjil Thunivirunthal, The film focuses on Sundeep, who tries to save the lives of people close to him. Suseenthiran has attempted to make an intense thriller with all the commercial elements such as, love, friendship sentiment, etc. But, it ended up as a compilation of his previously directed movies; Naan Mahaan Alla and Pandiya Naadu

November 10, 2017 14:37

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